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What does it take to be fast?
In all things, not just sports.
Let's face it. We all have those moments in life where we agonies over lost opportunities and in worse cases, never seeing any opportunity. It can be in any area of our life. Business, relationships, etc. Why do we miss? It's not always a matter of speed. Or name or good looks. Of course, we cannot deny that there are some minimum quantities of something critical that is necessary in any endeavor. But, have you ever thought about whether you've been mistaken about the "real" success criteria. In most cases, that is the issue, and the solution.

What we propose to do here, is to explore the facets of success and share, what some of the "secrets" are. Truth be told, there are very few real secrets. Most of the time, it is looking at the wrong solution.

So, stay with us, while we explore all the nooks and crannies of our minds, to do inter where the problem areas are. You'll be surprised, that doing so, will stimulate your own mind to discover for yourself, the solutions unique to your own situation. Nobody can "give" you "the" solution. A good guide can only point you in a direction to search. Sometimes many directions. Somewhere along the ay, you will find your own unique answer. But, be careful, the solution may pass before your eye, and you may not see it.

The BFast Club is about this. Seeing the solution when it appear. And/or generating enough real options, where the solution can be found, is a viable path to achieve our goal of being fast. Of course, its not easy. The paths is not easy. It takes effort. But the answer she it comes to you will be. Stay with us then. For just once a month, and see if it help improve your situation. Oh, and by the way, we believe, that if we expect you to visit every day, or dump new messages to your inbox or phone everyday, it will be counter productive. So, just drop by once a while.
Have you been worried about being too slow in everything that you do? Missed that business opportunity, or that promotion, or ... the list goes on and on
Pity the poor squid. It moves really fast in the water. And it has the ink it squirts to hide itself. Yet, so many of them end up as food for other creatures, including humans. Lesson learned for us? We'll discuss this when we get our act together and start this site.